Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seth's Legendary Minecraft Party

Seth turns 6!

This year Seth wanted a Minecraft themed birthday party.  It was a lot of work, especially for how many people we had attending.  It was worth it though, and he loved it as well as all his friends!

I made this banner with my cricut.  The font is Minecraft Alt which you can download for free.  
(Link at bottom of page.)

We had a candy buffet with Hershey's Nuggets for Gold, Swedish Fish for Fish, Blue Rock Candy for Diamonds, Green Rock Candy for Emeralds, and Red Rock Candy for Red Stone.  The Food Tent Cards I found online and we altered them for some of the items we were having.  
(Link at bottom of Page.)

Red Twizzlers for TNT in clear boxes from Oriental Trading Co.  The Creeper Bottled Water Labels were available for download for free as well.  
(Link at bottom of page.)

I also served juice boxes, Creeper Juice, and Sweet Tea.  The Creeper Juice was Green Apple Koolaid.  It was a hit!

The table I made to look like a grass block.  It had a green plastic tablecloth on top, and a brown plastic pleated skirt. 


Chicken - Chicken Nuggets (from Sam's)
Cheese Dip (Seth's favorite!)
Tortilla Chips
Carrots - Cheese Puffs
Sticks - Pretzels
Melon - Watermelon
Pizza Dip (a crowd pleaser!  Recipe link posted below)
Lava - Colby Cheese Cubes
Mushrooms - Marshmallows dipped in Red Chocolate with White Chocolate dots on top
Cookies (Not Pictured)

Here's the cake I made.  It's got Graham Cracker Crumbs for the sides and Red Chocolate that I melted and and cut into squares.

Happy Birthday Seth!

I made the pinata using tissue paper and a huggies wipes box.  It was super easy.  You don't even unfold the tissue paper.  Just cut about 3 or 4 inch strips of the paper, then cut 1 or 2 inch strips about 1/2 an inch apart.  Unfold and glue to the box!  I did cover the box with red construction paper first, because you could see the huggies labels through the tissue.

We also had perler beads to make necklaces in the shape of Minecraft characters.  I forgot to take a picture though.  

It was a fantastic party.  We are worn out!  Seth had a great time and it was all worth it!  Hope this helps you plan your perfect Minecraft party!


Minecraft Food Signs - Just click on the link that says Minecraft Food Signs in PDF at the bottom of the page.