Monday, June 16, 2014

Dying to go on Vacation

Usually by now I've got some sort of vacation booked and ready to go.  However, our house selling issue  has made vacation nearly impossible.  I'm afraid to leave our dogs at home and get a text saying that someone wants to look at our house; I always take them with us when we have a showing request.  Also since we lost money on the house we aren't buying, our funds are tight.  I was really hoping that we were going to have a trip to Dallas soon and would be buying new furniture from IKEA for our new house.  I so love IKEA, I could seriously spend a week there.  I'm so depressed about it.

We also LOVE cruises!  We've been on 5 Carnival Cruises and I was planning a cruise in the back of my mind for this summer too, even though it was impossible.  I just had some hope that some way, some how it would happen and now that too is out of the question.  I guess we could go camping but ugh...the heat would just kill us.  Tent camping is NO fun in the middle of Summer here in Arkansas.

Some of the ladies in our play group have these awesome Disney vacations planned.  I'm jealous but I would never attempt Disney; the thought of it gives me panic attacks.  To fly or not, where to stay, shuttles or rental cars, the lines, kids whining wanting everything in sight, the prices marked up 100% just because they can.  No thank you.

I've got to figure out something though, before I lose my mind!  Maybe I should just start scoping out the Groupon Deals.  Surely something will come along soon that I can snatch up at a good price.  What are your favorite family getaways?