Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our House Selling Issues

Our house has been on the market for a little over 3 months.  Within one month of being on the market, we had an offer.  We accepted even though we were reluctant.  The deal was...they would give us full asking price and we would pay their closing, home warranty, and give them my brand new french door refrigerator.  I was not happy about the fridge;  seriously not happy because we still owed money for it.

Thursday at 5 pm, the day before closing, I received an email from my closing guy as well as a call from our realtor saying that we weren't closing the next day.  This timing however was too late regarding moving out and shutting off utilities.  From what we understood, we would be closing early the next week.  Since we weren't closing on our new house for another 3 weeks, we (my husband, 4 year old son, 11 month old son, myself, our two dogs, and fish) moved into my Mom's in-law quarters in the downstairs of her home. Everything we didn't need for the time being went into storage.  

We understood that the reasoning for the delayed closing was something regarding debt to income ratio, but no problems were anticipated as they had a fix.  Nearly a week later we still hadn't closed and were in limbo.  However during this time, we found out that the people which we thought were first time home buyers were not in fact first time home buyers -- they had a mobile home to sell and their buying our home was contingent on that;  this was never in our original contract!  Had we known this, we would not have rushed out to find a new home, placed an offer, paid for inspection, paid for appraisal, moved everything into storage, etc etc.  Finally we were fed up as we weren't getting much information relayed to us.  We gave the buyers a deadline on Wednesday.  We said they had to let us know by Thursday at noon if they were going to be closing with us and when.  They sent us a contract modification stating they would be buying our home contingent on the close of their mobile home with a closing date of 2 weeks later;  we accepted.  I mean we were already out, what else were we supposed to do?  Not even 24 hours later our realtor received an email stating they would not be buying our home due to not being able to sell their mobile home.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  

There's a bit of back story involved.  Our realtor said that we might consider filing a law suit against the buyers and filing a complaint against the buying realtor for not informing us of the contingency of the sale of the mobile home.  She also relayed this information to the buying realtor.  Everyone involved on our side of the deal were really being left in the dark about everything which is what led to our realtor telling the buying agent about the possible lawsuit/complaint.

After all that went down, we put our house back on the market.  We lost the home we were buying, as well as any money towards it.  We were out the money on the repairs on our home that we had done per the buyers request, storage fees, and money required to turn all the utilities back on.  When I say the repairs on our home and we were out the money, you might think...you're really not out that money...I mean it is your home...right?  Well one would think that.  However some were just stupid, that we would have NEVER done, but we complied with the buyers because that is what they wanted.  

This brings you to where we are now, nearly 4 weeks later.  We've moved back in, somewhat.  Most of our stuff is still in storage.  We haven't had a single showing,  NOT A SINGLE ONE!  I believe what has happened is that the buying agent has been trash talking our agent to others making them not show the house.  So how do we remedy this?  We switched agents last week;  my mother is now our agent.  She is a part-time realtor in addition to her full time job which she is retiring from at the end of the month.  I feel horrible about letting our other agent go as she did nothing wrong.  She's a fantastic realtor and really worked hard for us.  I had my Mom put our old agent down as the co-agent so she at least gets some sort of compensation from the sale -- if it ever sells that is.  I'm not sure if the timing is bad with graduations, tons of rain, vacations... but I'm really hoping having a new name on the sign in the yard will help.  Everyone that comes to our home loves it.  They all say it's super cute and huge open floor plan.  We've done a ton of improvements and it really shows.  New roof, A/C, Heat, Carpet, Hot Water Heater, Dishwasher, and Paint in every room.  

I honestly don't know what else to do.  I'm afraid to file the complaint against the buying realtor because it will probably never sell in that case.