Monday, July 14, 2014

Burying Saint Joseph

About a month ago, my Mom suggested we bury St. Joseph in our yard.  I have heard this many times over the years when trying to sell a home.  It's an old Catholic tale.  You bury him upside down facing towards your home.  He works to get your house sold so that he can be placed upright again.  Once your home sells you remove the statue and give him a place of honor in your new home.  We bought the kit, and a few weeks went by with no activity.  Last Sunday out of no where, we had 3 viewing requests, one of which later included an offer.  Thank you Saint Joseph!

This meant we now had to find a place to live.  We went and looked at a few homes that were new to the market.  We placed an offer on the home we were going to buy before as we felt bad how the deal fell through and were already invested in the home.  The sellers had lowered their price by 1k however since we had our contract to purchase it, so we offered their new price and everything else the same.  They countered for the original price we had agreed upon, which just made us angry and we walked away.  Here's a pro tip:  If your home is a 5 years old and they are building new homes in your neighborhood for 5k more, don't mess around with offers.  Accept them if you really want to move.  Especially if they are good offers, i.e. your full listing price.  

Now we're buying the NEW house across the street and we're going to be neighbors.  AND we get to customize the new house since it's not finished being built yet.  AND the builder is going to pay our closing costs.  It's funny how things work out.